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There is a forest. Deep in this forest, towering trees give way to a small clearing. Inside of this clearing, you find your companions. Your only friends. 

There's Princess Pocket the Persian.  

And Hesitate the Woodland King.  

Never forget Felix the Ghost Cicada. 

Play as the troubled Dreamer and join up with one of three peculiar animal companions to unravel the unsettling mysteries of Hiraeth. Explore a suspiciously unending cabin frozen in antiquity and fall into a plot of dreams, fragmented memories, and psychological horror. Can you piece together the world around you and discover your true reality? 

Hiraeth is the debut game from T&A Games, a small indie duo made up of two lifelong gamers and friends completely new to game development. It was made in RPG Maker MV over a course of 4 years and 1000+ work hours. Differentiating the game from the sea of RPG Maker games was a top priority. Some of the games features we’re most proud of are: 

● In-depth story with plenty of lore to discover 

● Original pixel art and hand drawn illustrations 

● Three unique game paths to play through 

● Simple, “conversation” turn-based combat system—fight Hiraeth’s enemies armed with your old Polaroid SX 70 camera 

● A satisfying blend of exploration, puzzles, and narrative 

● Surreal and memorable atmosphere 

● Cast of intriguing characters to meet, get to know, and become suspicious of 

Where did these grand rooms come from in your cabin? Why won’t it stop snowing? What are the switches and cranks you keep finding, and why do they make the walls groan? 

Who keeps playing the piano? Is it..? 

Are you still dreaming, Dreamer? 

Brought to you by Tabitha Webb and Kevin Stanislawski as a labor of love. We hope you fall in love with it, too. 

As a disclaimer, know that THIS IS OUR FIRST GAME! Please, if there are any mistakes, glitches, bugs or errors, let us know so we can fix it!! & Lastly, Hiraeth was made for an adult audience and contains mature and disturbing themes and imagery. Play at your own discretion. 

Contact info: 

@Tpetrichor on Twitter or https://twitter.com/TPetrichor 

@LumpsPlays on Twitter or https://twitter.com/LumpsPlays 


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Another great video of Hiraeth 💜

Some spoilers!


I love Pocket! xD

You should definitely download the new version and try it out if you have time! 

Although ... your video gave me a ton of ideas for improvements ... so maybe we should just wait for version 1.2.1??? Lololol 

(1 edit) (+2)

Now that I've spent some time playing Hiraeth (I just completed with Pocket last night), I wanted to post. 

Hiraeth is dark, beautiful, surreal, and challenging.

It is abundantly clear that much time and care was put into the art, graphics, and environments; you'll also find clever, original use of the RPGMaker engine throughout.

If you're looking for a linear game that spoonfeeds you advice look elsewhere, but if you're up for a moderate challenge and wish to experience a journey through a subtly (though sometimes quite overtly) terrifying world with a spooky story you've found it!


Can't wait til you check out the other Companions! So glad you like it (◕ᴗ◕✿)



What a journey that was...

Beautiful final image. 

Thank you for making this, I hope many other players experience Hiraeth!


I did the pixel art! Thank you so much for playing, your comments were great to read. 


Great job! The sprites and map tiles are well done, they mesh with the story and other art perfectly. I was laughing today thinking, "I never thought I'd be so scared running from a little pixel cicada!"

Here's a short preview if anyone's interested!

Shocking, and interesting without a doubt


Can't wait to play it!


Hope you enjoy!